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The Gateway to SMS Marketing and Automated Voice Messages

The ultimate software for Email Marketing, SMS messaging and automated Calls. It is a smart, easy to use service for your private and business needs. Contactissimo is a powerful yet simple to use service that can be used as a mass communicator and automator.

SMS Marketing

Although text messaging dates back to the 80s, it is stronger than ever. The simple 160 symbol power of the SMS helps people receive the essentials of the each message. Combine that with the unlimited bulk SMS power of Contactissimo along with the personalized dynamic capabilities and you will not skip a beat.

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Voice Marketing

Also know as automated phone calls, voice marketing is the most powerful mass communication approach. Unlike email and SMS marketing, voice marketing has the most impact among recipients. Prerecorded messages can say a lot about your company. Whether you use for appointment reminders, collection calls or as an innovative marketing approach your results are guaranteed.

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Incoming call Contactissimo +1 234 567

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Our great features

Contact management

Name Contactissimo derives from the word Contact. We are not talking about lists, prospects or other fancy words here. You have your contacts and your groups. How you combine, filter, import, export and sync your contacts is up to you.


The calendar in Contactissimo gives you a glimpse of all past and upcoming events. It is your DeLorean for all Email, SMS and Voice campaigns. It is the only fixed thing in the layout of Contactissimo, because it is that important.


All emails, text messages and prerecorded message templates are stored in the Contactissimo library. You can create unlimited number of templates for all purposes. You can even record within Contactissimo so long your computer has a built in microphone.


Reporting is vital in determining the success of your marketing campaigns. The reporting section of Contactissimo serves as an extension to the calendar and provides you with all vital stats in regards to past events.

Recurring Events

You can create future recurring events for all communication channels. Let’s say you want to remind your clients or collegues about regular meetings - with Contactissimo you can set them to repeat daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Dynamic Fields

Personal approach is vital for your successful client relationships. You can use the built-in dynamic fields of Contactissimo when you create your email or SMS templates. This way your recipients will know that you care about them.

Google Sync

Why you might ask? Well, as of 2015, Google has 900 million Gmail active users*. Those same accounts are used to store Android contacts as well. Syncing Contactissimo with the most popular free contact management platform was no brainers. According to Statista


Contactissimo is team friendly. Each user can invite other people and work in centralized communication environment, while enjoying unlimited collaboration features.

System Notifications

Since Contactissimo is quite powerful, we’ve integrated various types of notification in regards to the its activities. This way you will always be aware of completed and upcoming events (Email, SMS, Automated Phone Calls).

Do Not Disturb

People are sensitive when it comes to privacy and personal space. Depending on your audience you can setup Do Not Disturb hours and feeling relieved knowing that your messages will be always delivered within the desired time window.